Property Accounting

Property Accounting with 247

Property accounting is a type of accounting to support real estate investors. Property accounting encompasses several tasks and areas, including: rent, calculation & reviews, recovery charges, mortgage payments, GST returns (if applicable),  business rates, etc.

Property accounting serves a wide range of clients including smaller investors with a few investment properties to large corporates holding many commercial real estate investments.

A property accountant plays an important role in ensuring the success of real estate investment. The most important time in property investment is at the beginning of the process. Property investors need to ensure the investment aligns with their financial situation and is suitable to hold for the long term. Property accountants can help property investors to draw up a financial model to determine if this is a worthwhile investment. Once an investment is purchased, the property accountant can help property investors to meet tax obligations and ensure the holding structure is in the best interest of the investors.


Some of the most common expenses in property accounting are:

  • Mortgage interest 
  • Chattel depreciation
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Investment improvement depreciation
  • Council rates
  • Legal expenses
  • Accounting fees
  • Healthy homes expenses

Property accounting is a complicated and monotonous process.

However, it is the backbone of any investment business.

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