Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation & Generation with 247

Account Payables is one of the main accounting processes that can benefit greatly from automation. Invoice Automation processing is when data is extracted from invoices and fed into your accounting system so that payment processing can be done quickly. In this way, automating invoice generation reduces oversight and increases accuracy, eliminates repetitive, slow processes that waste time and money, and simplifies your workflow.


The following are common tasks used to automate invoices:

  • Manage supplier orders and invoices
  • Extract data from invoices and put them in the accounting system
  • Compare and contrast accounts payable with accounts receivable
  • Make payment via e-wallet or bank

Usually, in the process of processing any invoice, there are 3 basic steps as follows:

  • Physical bill scan
  • Collect data on invoices according to set rules
  • Save those data to the accounting system for paying

Inefficiencies in your business are costing you money, wasting time, affecting staff morale and making you less competitive.

The solution? Automate your accounting processes to save you time, save you money and increase your overall business efficiency.

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