It is sadly to say a huge lot of businesses in New Zealand have been impacted by Covid-19. New Zealand government has offered various proactive approaches to help local business deal with this global pandemic and one of those are Wage Subsidy.

The wage subsidy helps businesses affected by COVID-19, and supports businesses and their staff to maintain an employment connection. We know for the fact that a lot of accountants out there have been gone through painful process to insert each individual employee details from the list of dozens, hundreds or even thousands to the Wage Subsidy Application form MANUALLY.

With second wave of wage subsidy coming online soon on 10th June and understanding long process from first wave, we have created an automation package to help businesses save their time in filling Application Form. The steps can be followed:

1.Installing Uipath – refers to the link at where you can find all details to install Uipath

2.Preparing csv file – have you employee wage extension list ready

Open Wage Subsidy Template.csv file attached to this post and then insert your own data

Save it to your local laptop

3.Download Uipath package

Download Uipath package – Wage Subsidy from this post and unzip the file to Drive:\Users\yourusername\Documents\UiPath

Open .xaml file

4.Update and run Uipath

In Read CSV Activity, click on File symbol  and select your own Wage Subsidy Template.csv file

Clink on Run Debug File from Top Menu


5.Review and fill the rest of information relating your business and then submit

Please view the short video showing how the package works

We hope this will relieve some pains you have been experiencing so far from Covid-19

Package Attachments:

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